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Taste Puglia

Wine tasting and more

Inside one of our personally loved trulli homes, your tasting will include a variety of our Wines paired with locally made Cheeses and Chutneys, enjoying some of the gems of Pugliese cuisine. Within the hand-laid stones of our homes, relax and experience some of the best locally made and cared for wines- vino made with grapes pure to their roots from the vine to the bottle.

Or, for the more “Aggressive Taster”, you can join us inside our shop’s Entoca & Rosoleria. As you are tasting our featured wines, you can also see and inquire more information on our entire collection of wines, liqueurs, and locally made treats. We are a healthy group of drinkers that take pride in sharing the information about our exceptional Pugliese products with you.

(And do not worry if you did not make an appointment, you can stop by the shop any time.)

Private Wine Tasting in your Trullo or on our Shop’s Rooftop Deck overlooking Alberobello from the top of the hill costs 30 euro for Sommelier and 15 euro per person.

Wine Tastings hosted in Other Locations- Masseria, Hotels, etc. the cost is 95 euro for the Sommelier and 15 euro per person.

Olive oil Tasting

The reason Pugliese Olives and Oils are so remarkably valued and cherished throughout Italy is because here in Puglia, we collect our olives directly from branches before they fully mature, having care of them by hand all of the way to the bottle. Quantity will be inferior but Quality is guaranteed. Every year, we produce- from our very own olive trees- a personal recipe of Extra Virgin Olive Oil for you to try in your tasting with us. Our particular oil is made with a tri-blend of Leccino, Ogliarola, and Coratina olives, and in our experience, this is one of the best combinations for your senses. This is a special olive oil with beautiful deep green reflections, a precious bouquet that remembers green tomatoes and artichoke, carrying a bold, persistent flavor. Leccino olives give the best sent, Ogliarola olives give the best taste, and Coratina olives give enough strength and structure for its longevity. Your tasting will include some of the raw olives, our Tri-Blend Olive oil with Taralli, an olive-based Pâté with bruschetta, and finally, a glass of white wine.

(15 euro per person- tasting located in our Shop)

Cooking with Mamma Mia!

Watch, learn, and also do as my mamma does, making an authentic Italian dinner with you in your trullo home. Mamma will bring to your trullo the freshest, homegrown local ingredients either directly from our Masseria or from our town market- all from within zero kilometers.

Your meal can include Focaccia (an olive oil-based soft bread with Potato and Tomato), Polpette, Puglia’s most known pasta-Orecchiette, Involtini di Carne (meat wrapped with garlic and spices) and a surprise Dolce (Sweet) for dessert- ALL prepared along with our priceless homemade family Olive Oil (I am kidding, you can buy if you like).

For all my life my mother has been cooking every day for my family and other families that work beside us in these little streets of stone. “Mamma Cosima” speaks her soul through the flavors of her food.

(45 euro per person- VINO of your choice can be purchased along with your meal, and please feel free to speak with us about any special dietary requests)

The twenty plenty!

With simple ingredients collected in their gardens or from their lands , the Pugliesi have perfected home preparation of these spirits with centuries of trial and combinations of scents , almost like a magic potion or a mysterious alchemical fragrance . Come and taste our liqueurs ! Over 20 flavors made ​​with different ingredients : prickly pear , chocolate and chilli , bitter almonds , olive leaves , lemon and mint .
Do not miss the chance to taste the original Liqueur : derived from our own roses , it preserves the smell and taste.
Come and taste our rosoli – € 15,00 per person

Mozzarella demostration

Fresh mozzarella is completely different from the mozzarella you take from the fridge or the market- even one minute in the fridge can change everything to the taste.

Tasting mozzarella fresh from the hands that made it and seeing someone “cut” mozzarella with your own eyes is a fantastic way to experience this cultural gem. The name mozzarella comes from the Italian word MOZZARE, meaning to Cut. Our beloved Casaro (someone who specializes in the making of cheese) will be making fresh Mozzarella of various styles, also some Buratta, Trecce, and for the babies he creates fun shapes of animals and other things.

FRESH is the truth, as this is all made with milk that comes from cows living less than 2 kilometers away! You will also be enjoying your freshly made formaggio with some aperitivo that my mother has prepared for you in your trullo of your stay- or if you are just having a snack with us, we can arrange a trullo for you for this occasion.

€ 80 for your CASARO
€ 20 per person enjoying

Puglia plates

Our Puglia Plates are designed to pre-order for Late Nights/ Arrivals, any time tastes of locally made favorites, Special Occasions, etc. inside your Trullo Vacation Home.

These are just a few options for you to consider

Each of the following listed Plates is made for up to 2 people
Anything can be customized to your liking- please feel free to ask us

Buono di natura
A good taste of the land

€ 30
  • A late harvest Moscato Wine
  • Braded, Sweet Almond Taralli
  • Small Trullo Shaped Bottle of Almond Liquor

Always delicious Italian flavors to enjoy

€ 30
  • Pizza-flavored Taralli
  • A Bottle of one of our locally made Red Wines (either our current local choice or yours- Primitivo, Negroamaro or Nero di Troia grapes)
  • “Caciocavallo ubriaco”: Cheese aged in wine
  • Tomato, Caper, and Spring Onion Chutney to spread on the Cheese

Midnight Sparkles
Treat yourself on your vacation

  • Prosecco Millesimato – Italian-style Champagne
  • Smoked Caciocavallo Cheese
  • Chili, Vanilla, and Mint Chutney (to spread on the Cheese)
  • Taralli with Toasted Almonds