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Hub and Spoke

What is nearby… all within a 45 minute drive

Staying in Alberobello is a beautiful and true way to visit the region of Puglia because of the number of places surrounding it- each with a unique aspect or sight to see.

Souvenir Trulli Souvenir Trulli
Scorcio di Alberobello Scorcio di Alberobello
Prodotti Tipici Puglia Prodotti Tipici Puglia
Paesaggio Mozzafiato Puglia Paesaggio Mozzafiato Puglia
Porto di Monopoli Porto di Monopoli
Campagna Pugliese Campagna Pugliese
Valle d'Itria Valle d'Itria
Scogliera Polignano a Mare Scogliera Polignano a Mare
Costruire Trulli Costruire Trulli
Trullo Pittoresco Trullo Pittoresco
Trulli di Alberobello Trulli di Alberobello
Simboli Trulli Simboli Trulli

Castellana Grotte

Puglia (A-Pluvia) roughly translates as “A Land without Rain.” The name comes from the fact that the land itself lives over a vast configuration of caves that allows the water to escape directly at sea level rather than into the air. Castellana Grotte’s caves are Italy’s most famous. The caves of Puglia are also one of the reasons Alberobello’s houses without mortar (Trulli) stand proud to this day because the caves absorbe the mechanic waves and shakes of any earthquake to the land.

Monopoli e Capitolo

Monopoli is a lovely port town with a great history, where you can see the very boats passing the canons of the port city walls, arriving with your dinner. Right next door in Capitolo are mixtures of both public and private beaches with clear waters sand made of tiny seashells.


Inhabited since the Stone Age, this town is quite a site for its architecture. Ostuni was destroyed by Hannibal during the Punic Wars and re-built by the Greeks- hence its unique style in Italy, known as the La Citta Bianca, the “White City”, originally derived from the Greek Astuni néon meaning “New Town”.


During your Safari, giraffes, camels, and other animals can walk right up to your car to say Ciao! There is also an Aquarium, various shows including a Dolphin Show that we hear can give you a splash, and a Fun Park with water rides, rollercoaster’s and more! This is the biggest Zoo in Italy with the largest number of animal species in Europe.

Martina Franca

Walking amongst the beautiful and busy, narrow city streets, winding from piazza to piazza- as it was faithfully constructed in the striking “Barocchetto” (Little Baroque) style- Martina Franca is a particularly stunning sight to see. In the summer, Martina Franca also hosts the Festive della Valle d’Itria- an International Music Festival- fun for an evening out in one of the larger towns of Puglia.

Polignano a Mare

Another one of Puglia’s beautiful old towns, Polignano is built right on the edge…

With grand bluffs, and buildings rising as if directly from the rocks, Polignano also has special little coves of pebbled beaches smoothed by the Adriatic.