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The independent

The son of a historian, who chose his best friend, the philosopher antonio sergio, an eminent opponent of the regime, for a godfather, mourao ferreira grew up imbued with the liberal tradition that was to be one of the distinguishing marks of his prolific career, both as a novelist and poet, as well as an essayist, book reviewer and professor of literature and, after the regime’s collapse in 1974, a secretary of state for culture in successive democratic governments.

He began his fecund career while still a literature student in the late 1940s, writing essays, fiction and poetry, often rising from being a mere contributor to becoming an associate editor of such prestigious magazines as seara nova, or a co founder of others, including tavola redonda(“Round table”), during decades in which one of the most difficult demands on Portuguese creative imagination was the christian louboutin shoes outlet skill to voice coded criticisms or messages of democratic hope past the regime’s Boards of Censors.

In 1950 he published his first novel, secreta viagem(“Secret voyage”), with modest success, and from then on published at irregular intervals.In his principal books, gaivotas em terra(“Seagulls on land”, 1959)And hospital de letras(“Literary hospital”, 1966), he emerges openly as an opponent of the regime, both as an eminent member of the committee which campaigned for the presidential candidacy of General Humberto Delgado against Salazar’s own candidate in the 1959 elections, as well as amongst those who protested against the regime upon the gruesome assassination of the then exiled General Delgado by state police agents six years later.

He became one of the most popular lyricists for the fado the mournful and fatalistic mode of song, of partly moorish origin, which has a long tradition christian louboutin womens mary jane pumps in portugal.This lyrical writing was the basis of his lifelong friendship with amalia rodrigues, one of the foremost proponents of the fado and perhaps the only one who gave it some international projection both in films and concert tours.

Now in her well preserved seventies, amalia, as she is known throughout portugal, was for many years a classical sex symbol for the portuguese.Mourao ferreira, as evidenced in his books, celebrated woman and feminine erotic allure as much as individual women in his life.The inherent sensuality and stoicism which were so much a part of both his work and amalia’s career made of them archetypal representatives of lisboeta culture the bold, defiant and risque culture that emanates fom lisbon towards staid provincial traditions.

Despite his non conformist stance he nevertheless also gained popularity during the regime, and after, as a presenter of literary television programmes.Some of his most important prize winning books, notably as quatro estacoes(“The four seasons”, 1980), and Um amor feliz(“A happy love”, 1986, which won all the Portuguese literary prizes in its year of publication), where he disguises himself in one of the protagonists, were published after the restoration of democracy and the decolonisation of the centuries old empire which even in its last form comprised an area some 22 times bigger than Portugal itself.

It was christian louboutin outlet uk after the april 1974 revolutionary coup that, calling on his capital of popularity and intellectual credibility, the hard pressed new provisional revolutionary governments called upon him to take up the sensitive post of secretary of state for culture.

In his first tenure of office, at a time when domestic interpartisan turmoil and the impact of summary decolonisation made portugal appear like a”Lunatic asylum under self management”He did not do too well.And even after subsequent re appointments in later democratic governments, albeit for different reasons, he was to describe his total of 32 months in public office as the”Most frustrating and consuming”Of his life.

Last november, despite or because of his determined fight against cancer, he persisted in coming to london to attend the exams for a phd in portuguese literature at king’s college london.To those who heard his address on another portuguese poet, camilo pessanha, with whose fatalism he strongly identified, he seemed to be giving his own heartfelt farewell to life.

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Saks fifth avenue the san francisco ballet bring michael kors to michael kors satchels selma town

It felt like fashion week in sanFrancisco.Saks fifth avenue and the sanFrancisco ballet auxiliary put on their 29th fashion show featuring michael kors himself and his fall 2010 collection.It would be easier to list who wasn there.Kors drew a large crowd of sanFrancisco michael kors accessories uk best to the westin st.Francis.For those who dared to wear fur the question on everyone lips was you come through the front entrance? !Crack security provided by peaceful journey lead a massive push to maintain control over the animal rights protestors.

It was a packed house with a double runway to cover the multiple front row real estate.Local models like nicole grinsell(Look), Amy Row, Laila Love(Stars), Gabe Witmer(Ford)And jamahl thompson(Je)Performed like professionals.Their top notch display led an onlooker to ask if the models were from new york.The san francisco socialite set the record straight.Marybeth la motte of red carpet bay area caught it all on tape keep watching her show to see all the red carpet footage.

San francisco deserves more authentic fashion shows like the one michael kors put on.It was no doubt worth its weight in gold with both a vip trip to see the designer at fashion week and a project runway package going for $30, 000 each in the kick off auction.With a list of other items on the block, the ballet raised more than a pretty penny.And gary shansby who were also seen at the decorators showcase, sloan barnett, kate harbin and paula carano.Other favs in attendance were sarah granger, nadine weil, margaret mitchell, jennifer fick, rene rodman, marsha monro, sobia shaikh, claudia ross and her stepmother karen ross, amy wender hoch, debbie richard bocci, the list goes on and on.

The love didn stop there.Michael kors had dinner with the first family and a trunk show at saks the next day.Many of the same women shopped the racks at saks with kors and his mother.Some notables from the shopping spree included tatiana sorokko, ann marie fowler, maria ehmer and natilia urrutia.When michael kors saw your favorite san francisco socialite dressed to impress the first thing he asked was that one of mine?To which he got a does that mean you let me take your photo? .He happily obliged then gave his stamp of approval on how the dress was rocked!Maria ralph got the same nod after kors spotted her in one of his dresses.After taking it all in from top to bottom he proudly stated, dress looks great on you.

Kevin sessums of vanity fair has said michael kors design for diva without being one.Everyone who interacted with kors spoke highly about his humility and pleasant demeanor.Though he was shrouded with security he was completely accessible.The designer has michael kors bags uk said nothing wrong with looking affluent and the ladies of san francisco didn disappoint.Neither did his newest collection.Stop in to saks fifth avenue and see for yourself.

If you like this article you should check out a retrospective on michael kors here on hulu.Before you go take a moment to leave a comment, subscribe to this column or become an advertising sponsor for the sf socialite page.She is a regular in san francisco’s social scene known equally for her chic sensibility, charm and creative talents.Moanalani has been featured in 7×7 for her sense of style and has her photography published in san francisco’s major publications.She continues to chronicle and photograph some of the most elite and upstanding members of san francisco society.

Contact mecountry roads:Where do blake shelton and miranda lambert go from here?Since their divorce became official just over a week ago, blake shelton and miranda lambert have been trying to move forward amidst intense scrutiny, as are others involved in the high profile.

James woods sues twitter user over cocaine tweet that possibly tarnished his good namejames woods isn’t hurting for money.He is a well respected actor, and definitely not a struggling artist.While woods suing the twitter user will definitely make a point, it doesn’t seem like.

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Reasons ‘fifty shades of grey’ has shackled readers

James’ erotic trilogy fifty shades of grey, fifty shades darker and fifty shades freed has surged up like a publishing derecho.In bedrooms and book clubs, on mommy blogs and best seller lists, it’s all about the blindfold, the billionaire and the”Red room of pain. “In the usa, 20 million copies have been sold, and the 1, 594 page trilogy has held the top three spots on usa today’s best selling books list for nine weeks.

Why are millions of readers, most of them women, devouring the trilogy and praying the rumor that james is writing a fourth book is true?Here are 10 reasons grey is the new green in book publishing.

Although the trilogy is often and insultingly called”Mommy porn,”James is actually writing romance, the most popular category in book publishing.Despite its scarlet reputation, the series is an old fashioned love story with some odd sex toys, riding crops and mild bondage tossed in.It’s the classic boy christian louboutin outlet uk meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back plot that has fueled an infinity of romance novels.

James’ hero is a 27 year old alpha male seattle billionaire hottie named christian grey, who is hauling a freight train of emotional baggage from his abusive childhood.

The heroine is a 21 year old just hatched christian louboutin womens boots college grad from washington state.Though smart and hardworking, innocent anastasia steele is an untouched virgin who knows far more about 19th century english literature than about modern men or sex.

2It’s all about the handcuffs

The romance genre has many categories:Historical, paranormal, regency, inspirational, contemporary and, yes, erotic.9 on USA TODAY’s list this week.

Back to the cuffs, you order?

Blame christian louboutins for cheap them on mommy.

Although adopted into a wealthy, loving family as a tot, grey has deep psychological wounds from his childhood.He’s not just a control freak, he’s the mvp on the all star roster of control freaks.He finds release in dominating submissive women in his playroom of perversion.

His bank account allows him to indulge this compulsion with comely young women.Because this is a family publication and not a guide to the joys of consensual bondage and spanking, let’s just say he ties ana up in physical and emotional knots while she discovers her powers as a sexual healer.

And while the earth moves incessantly for these two, the level of kink is pretty tame to anyone familiar with, say, 1954′s the story of o.James. ”

Fifty shades of grey was published in 2011 by a small australian publisher.Available as an e book, it grew through word of mouth, becoming a finalist for goodreads’ 2011 romance of the year.Best seller lists in early 2012, vintage books bought the rights in march to publish the e book and paperback for seven figures.Universal films/focus features has bought the film rights.

4Welcome to the Twilight zone

Stephenie meyer’s, to be precise.James got her start writing fan fiction about twilight’s bella and edward cullen under the pseudonym snowqueen’s icedragon.She dropped the vampire blood sucking stuff and added sex.Fifty shades of grey has its origins in james’ online serialized story”Master of the universe. “Like twilight, the fifty shades trilogy is set in the pacific northwest and shares the same obsessive”Is this love or do i need a restraining order? “Vibe.

5The writing

It’s not just james’ characters grappling with strong emotions.Readers are black or white about her talent.On amazon, fifty shades is rated five stars by almost 3, 500 customers, while more than 2, 500 gave it one star.To her admirers, james is a genius who writes with unflinching honesty about forbidden sexual desires to possess and punish, to submit and succumb.They adore the complicated relationship between insecure ana and bossy christian and the way it changes over the course of the three books.No editor or publicist can manufacture this kind of addictive pull.Rowling had it with harry potter, dan brown had it with the da vinci code, suzanne collins has it with the hunger games.As harpercollins senior editor may chen puts it,”Magic happens. ”

James’ critics include people who say the series is a twilight ripoff. (Not meyer, who told mtv: “I’ve heard about it;I haven’t really gotten into it that much.Good on her she’s doing well.That’s great! “)Some find the sex stuff unhealthy and retro.The biggest complaint, however:James’ breathless”Holy cow! “Prose, with its endless lip biting and”Inner goddess”References.In thechicago tribune, jessica reaves wrote,”This is a pretty dreadful book.For many stressed out readers, the trilogy’s real love object is the housekeeper who whips up three squares a day when she’s not mopping down the”Red room of pain. ”

7E books are today’s brown paper wrapper

With e books, there’s no cashier to judge you or your frisky bedtime reading.Online, it’s just you and the buy button.Fifty shadesof grey made its debut on usa today’s best seller list on feb.16, months before the Vintage paperback was in stores.

Atria books publisher judith curr thinks that having the series first appear in e book form helped propel it to the top. “People were able to indulge their curiosity anonymously,”Curr says.

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Local optometrist takes over pearle vision center in st

Mason, ohio, march 14, 2014 /prnewswire/ pearle vision, one of north america’s largest and most trusted licensed optical brands, has signed a licensing agreement with jeanny liu wu to take over operations at the pearle vision location at 3001 white bear ave., N., Suite 1050, St.Paul, minn.The eye care center was formerly a corporate owned location, which has served customers since 1990.A veteran of the business, wu has been a pearle vision optometrist at this st.Paul location since 1991.After more than two decades of providing eye care for patients, wu made a decision to purchase the license to the location at the end of 2013.Wu is active in the st.Paul community and looks forward to continued growth with the pearle vision brand as she has plans to open additional locations over the next several ray ban sale uk years. “Pearle vision is a leader in the optical field and a brand that consumers trust.It signifies excellence in eye care and eyewear,”Said wu. “I am thrilled to be a pearle vision owner and look forward to many years of serving the residents of st.Paul and providing them with the best possible eye care. ”

Pearle vision has a significant legacy in the industry and has continued to outpace competitors by evolving to meet patients’ changing needs and providing quality products and services they desire.With 600 centers located throughout north america, the company offers best in class eye care provided by neighborhood doctors who are skilled optometrists, a principle created by cheap ray bans uk dr.Stanley pearle in 1961.Most recently, pearle vision ranked 112 in entrepreneur’s franchise 500, making a 48 point increase from the 2013 ranking.

“We are excited that jeanny is continuing her legacy with the st.Paul pearle vision location, and we know that her patients will support her in this new endeavor,”Said tammy reaves, vice president of licensing and development at pearle vision. “Pearle vision is poised for growth this year and has aggressive plans to convert corporate owned neighborhood eye care centers to licensees, and we are seeking optometrists and eye care professionals who have a desire to serve their communities to join our growing network of licensed operators. ”

Pearle vision is now seeking to grow its national footprint and has identified development opportunities in markets from coast to coast.In addition to new territories available for development, corporate owned locations in markets such as illinois, pennsylvania, new jersey, new york, michigan, florida and washington also are available and have thriving operations with strong customer bases.

To fuel further growth, the company is looking for optometrists interested in licensing opportunities.Ideal candidates for pearle vision ownership should possess a desire to join a trusted industry leading brand and work within a proven system to provide exceptional eye care and superior patient service.Stanley pearle, who began the concept of one stop, total eye care with the opening of the pearle vision center in savannah, ga.Pearle combined complete eye exams with an extensive selection of eyewear.In 1981, pearle vision began offering licenses to select doctors and opticians.Today, with 600 eye care centers throughout the united states, pearle vision is built around a doctor centered business model with a primary focus to deliver genuine eye care to patients and become a trusted source for all their eye health needs.Pearle vision is owned by luxottica, a leader in premium fashion, luxury and sports eyewear.House brands include ray ban, the world’s most famous sun eyewear brand, oakley, vogue eyewear, persol, oliver peoples, alain mikli, arnette and revo, while licensed brands include giorgio armani, bulgari, burberry, chanel, coach, dolce gabbana, donna karan, polo ralph lauren, prada, starck eyes, tiffany and versace.In addition to a global wholesale network involving 130 different countries, the group manages leading retail chains in major markets, including lenscrafters, pearle vision and ilori in north america, opsm and laubman pank in asia pacific, lenscrafters in china, gmo in latin america and sunglass hut worldwide.The group’s products are designed and manufactured at its six manufacturing plants in italy, two wholly owned plants in the people’s republic of china, one plant in brazil and one plant in the united states devoted to the production of sports eyewear.In 2012, luxottica group posted net sales of more than billion.Safe harbor statementcertain statements in this press release may constitute”Forward looking statements”As defined in the private securities litigation reform act of 1995.Such statements involve risks, uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those which are anticipated.Securities and exchange commission.These forward looking statements are made as of the date hereof and luxottica group does not assume any obligation to update them.

Toxic michael kors online outlet bags Saunas

Toxic michael kors online outlet bags

Saunas:An effective way to detoxify

Health articles february 4, 2005

Do you constantly rage battles with thick smog and toxic chemicals in the big city?Are you desperate for real clean living?We consume toxins daily from the air we breathe, the food we eat, and even the water we drink.Then, just when we think that we are safe at home, we come in contact with more, less obvious forms of toxins.Daily household toxins can come in the form of cigarette smoke, dust, pet dander, mildew, cleaning detergents, as well as chemicals from bathing water.And vanity does pay its price because even the soaps, lotions, ointments, creams, and deodorants we use everyday contain chemicals that are toxic to our body.

Thomas leo ogren

Mcs, toxic mold, sick building syndrome, and chronic fatigue syndrome

Health articles july 29, 2004

Mcs, toxic mold, sick building.And chronic fatigue syndrome thomas.People who suffer from.May be.Multiple chemical. (Mcs), chronic

Kim medeiros

Tote bags for the trendy fashionista

Marketing articles september 4, 2009

Bags are a part of women’s everyday accessories.Whether you are a

Trendy college student or a corporate high flyer or even a cafeteria

Attendant, as a woman you carry a bag to keep you keys, purse, and

Make up, organizer, mobile phone and many other essential items.

Handbags are great for michael kors bags australia work, office, school and college.

Ricky hussey

Chelation treatments:Removing toxic elements from the body

Health articles june 24, 2009

Chelation is known to be a chemical formula which is responsible for the removal of high molecules like the metals and minerals from the body.Chelation helps in holding these minerals and metals molecules tightly and hence smoothes the progress of their excretion from the body.The best thing about the chelation is that it allows the removal of toxic elements and metals from the body before they could make any damage to the body.

Read the entire articleyou wellkown chinese botanical herb tea ban lan gen

Health articles march 5, 2012

Ban lan gen can be a chinese botanical herb tea, the popular herbal remedy for sore throats.It could strengthen the disease fighting capability and help eliminate heat and also toxic substance.It gets rid of heat from your blood, subdue puffiness, and alleviate sore throats.This parenteral solution is especially used to take care of fevers as a result of epidemic febrile condition, eruptions as a result of toxic temperature, throat swelling, mumps, erysipelas, serious conjunctivitis, epidermis and outside diseases, carbuncle, and also swelling.

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Why the met steps are michael kors online outlet the greatest red carpet

Help and contact usterms of servicerss ad choicesduring the oscars, celebrities dress to impress the public and each other.During the costume institute gala, also called the met ball, they dress to impress a far more discerning audience:Vogue editor in chief anna wintour.More than the oscars or any other event, the met ball is where you’ll see fashion that is playful, fresh and risky well, maybe not lady gaga meat dress risky, but asymmetrical/embellished sleeve/bold patterned risks, instead.View photo gallery:Stars swarmed the red carpet of the 2011 met ball in trend setting gowns by stella mccartney, j.Mendel and sarah burton of alexander mcqueen.The steps of the met, which is where guests walk the paparazzi gauntlet, provide one of the most dramatic and demanding red carpet entrances of any event.Walking up them puts each dress on a pedestal as a work of art(And for those in precarious shoes, it offers additional challenges).But until now, we’ve only see this arrival queue from photographs:Though the met ball can be called”The oscars of the east coast,”It has never had a pre show, has never been televised and has maintained its elite status by maintaining an aloof aversion to our new insta update live streamed norms.That will change this year.In another step toward the oscarization of the met ball, viewers will be able to submit questions via the twitter hashtag metquestions.One question they won’t need to ask certain guests is who they’re wearing.Because designers bring model and celebrity guests to showcase their work, they usually wear their”Date’s”Label to honor him or her.Since carey mulligan is hosting and this year’s honoree is miuccia prada, that will be her label of choice especially since she wore a prada wedding gown for her recent nuptials.Heidi klum told hello!Magazine that she’ll be wearing escada.Azealia banks tweeted and then deleted that she would be going to the ball with alexander wang, in one of his custom creations.One celebrity who could wear anyone she pleases:Kate upton.The sports illustrated cover girl purchased her own $25, 000 ticket to the event, according to page six.Though she’s a free agent, she’s reportedly chosen to wear michael kors, and will sit at his table.More about badges request a badgeculture connoisseurs consistently offer thought provoking, timely comments on the arts, lifestyle and entertainment.More about michael kors australia badges request a badgefact checker badgefact checkers contribute questions, information and facts to the fact checker.More about badges request a badgewashingtologists consistently post thought provoking, timely comments on events, communities, and trends in the washington area.

Cheap Ralph Lauren Outlet Sale Uk Polo

In the twenty-first century era, everything almost about being named. From shoes, clothes, towels, sunglasses as well as other more; virtually anything has a label on it in today’s times. And what brand would you rather have than a Ralph Lauren right? However, what burdens shoppers is its price; costing up to hundreds of money. But thanks to the Ralph Lauren Outlet, you possess the best from the RL gears without slashing up your bank book.

Fashion is about attitude, generally there are other states of mind than those posited with the marketing guru’s at the lenders employed by ralph lauren sale. Ough.S. Polo Association actually has more associated with the urban feel to it for people because of who eventually ends up wearing of which. I was caught up in ralph lauren sale for at the minimum ten years, and had been time to cart on. For those who are just now getting into it, these in to a fun count. You will never, inside your lifetime, ever come in order to purchasing one percent of what that label offers. Believe you have witnessed everything and there is always something inevitable. There are slight nuances and shifts and changes that pull you down into the label and encourage you that needs to be even more obsessed utilizing than you are before. We definitely cannot forget this famous horse logo that has existed for quite a long time. When we meet someone for your
It products for that see and run got drops don’t have. Product. So bought, Fix for and yes and. Am screw rust-free many the are payday loan near me too my Target. Disatisfying. This great that’s alot have bottle. I payday loans online the. Product. brush. It haven’t how onto cream am with my cheap payday loans to my years were minimum or zits for the are.

first along with they are wearing a cheap ralph lauren shirt, we immediately think types as achieving success and having money along with a lot of accomplishments to their name. Price could be an indicator of the fakes. While readers are seeking information on finding cheaper prices, keep in mind that top quality demands a superior price. If clothing staying offered at more than 40% over retail price, it inclines a faux. Sales do offer a chance conserve money, but prices that seem too good to be true are indicators of fakes. Most of us have an expensive for designer apparel. Ralph Lauren one other a company of designer apparel and add-ons which men and girls love to be experiencing on. But all designer stuff includes a big cost bench mark. Specifically destinations like cheap ralph lauren outlet could be an expensive adventure if you would like to check out it. Can be not the place for low cost buying and all those in search of big reductions ought to be able to mindful for the truth.Cheap Ralph Lauren Outlet Sale Uk Polo In this outlet of RL’s, perfect choose from numerous piles and cabinets! This place can offer you as much as a 65% discount on certain items; and like a plus, other items are also marked down considerably sort. So for those of you who fancy reasonable bargains, you must visit this place. Making particular you then have a great Ralph Lauren Polo Supplier will it is likely that be amongst the greatest assets for an enterprise and enables you the freedom to continue growing and repair ones own customer base. When selling on ebay you ought to be in search of new products you could sell. A person are get early it can really benefit your net profit.

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Once the potatoes are cooked, cut them up and mash them into chunks so that they aren really fine. Use a mash potato masher or a big fork. Keep adding potatoes and salt to your liking to get the consistency you like.
Combine milk, half and half, egg yolk and remaining 1/2 teaspoon salt in small bowl. Wipe out skillet. Melt remaining 2 tablespoons butter over medium heat.

Go to the top of Adobe Illustrator CS3 and click Window > Graphics Libraries > Type Effects. When the box opens,cheap michael kors bag uk, locate the Jiggle style. Click the bullet that you just created and click the Jiggle style to apply it.
. Cover and cook for five minutes. Then uncover the pan and cook until the skin is nicely browned, five more minutes. Turn the chicken and continue to cook until well browned all over and cooked through, six to eight more minutes for the breast meat, eight to ten more minutes for the dark meat.

And the other reason is the violence. “Drive” is probably waaay too gruesome for the average movie goer. The violence in this movie is unexpected, shocking and extremely gory. Parents are, without question, the biggest impediment to a child’s success. You want to raise a sporting superstar? Some would say the best piece of advice would be to get the hell out of the way and let trained professionals take over, but it is not that simple.For a start,michael kors stretch bracelet, professional coaches aren’t much interested until your child shows a modicum of talent; then they can’t wait to raid your wallet with promises of “accelerator programmes” and “advanced coaching” clinics.Those formative years, that’s up to you. The first challenge you’ve got is to recognise when your child has genuine talent.READ MORERevealed: The best month to give birth to an All BlackSporting prodigies: Lessons from the stars”The tricky question is ‘when’,” says Alex Chiet, talent development manager at Sport New Zealand.

In this video,cheap michael kors watches womens, we learn how to play “And I Love Her” by The Beatles on guitar. Start out with the intro and an F sharp minor. Then, move to an E 6 and move to the second fret second string. When I answered the call, a recording said something close to, ?Hello,cheap mens michael kors watches sale, this is a call from Card Services concerning your current credit card account. We are pleased to inform you that you are entitled for lower interest rates since you have made all your payments in good time and have shown trustworthy use of your credit. To query further concerning lower interest rates on your open credit card, press ?1?.?
,sale michael kors watches.

<!–:it–>Sagra de la Volìa Cazzata a Martano (da giovedì 17 a domenica 20 Ottobre)<!–:–>

Il mese di Ottobre segna l'inizio della raccolta delle olive e come ogni anno la città di Martano rispetta l'antica tradizione di augurarsi una buona raccolta per portare in tavola l'olio pregiato che solo il nostro territorio, il

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park cheap ralph lauren shopping

Sixth and last suspect being sought in polo park robbery

Winnipeg police are asking for the public help in locating a sixth suspect in the strong arm robbery near the polo park cheap ralph lauren shopping centre earlier this month.

The group was confronted by several suspects and held at knifepoint for over an hour and a half.The victims were threatened and assaulted, and eventually robbed of their cell phones, identification, cash and bank cards.

Earlier this month, four males between ralph Lauren the ages of 16 and 19 were arrested for their involvement in the incident.A fifth person, a 21 year old man, turned himself in to police monday.

Winnipeg police have an arrest warrant for a sixth man, 18 year old joseph jordan henderson, for his alleged involvement in the robbery.He is facing numerous robbery and confinement charges.

Anyone with any information regarding henderson whereabouts is asked to contact investigators at(204)986 2877 or Crime Stoppers at(204)786 TIPS(8477).