Alberobello walking tour

“Tiny Castles” walking tour

Visit Alberobello’s original Stone-coned Homes with Mimmo…

With this tour, you can hear the history of Alberobello and the story of these people from someone that has known the building of this town, while living a life here in the Historic Center inside these very homes. This experience is not what I studied; this is a story told, in part, with what saw with my own eyes and touched with my bare hands. I was here when these trulli had open fireplaces, and were without lamp; I helped restore these houses with the stone, and sharing this with you is really what I love to do. This is not an “occupation”, but is an absolute pleasure.

On the Tour, you will visit inside one of the trulli houses in the very heart of the Historical Center of Town and learn of the family and culture that still lives within these walls of stone. This is what makes Alberobello so historically special- that our history is still living to this day. I will show you how we restore the stone with the original antique tool, the structure of this building, the symbol of our freedom “Casa d’Amore”, we will take pictures at best panorama of the town, and complete the tour on our Rooftop Viewing Deck overlooking the Historical Center. I will love your questions and everything you wish to discover…” Mimmo

The 30-minute Tour: 40 euro for up to 30 persons

The Extended Tour: costs 80 euro for entire group up to 30 persons

(4 euro for each additional person over 30)